Round Keepsake Ring (Stackable) (Bezel available in different sizes)

Round Keepsake Ring (Stackable) (Bezel available in different sizes)

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Bezel Size:

Solid sterling silver Bezel round keepsake ring. Ring sizes 2-15 1/2 in whole, quarter and half sizes.

Can be stacked with our other round keepsake ring designs.

*Colored glitter can be added for a touch of color.

*5mm and 6mm and only hold one inclusions, 7mm,8mm can hold two,10mm,14mm can hold three

*if glitter is being added please specify in notes if you are wanting a tiny amount or heavy amount for the whole piece to have the color, if no note is added the normal amount of colored glitter is added for a solid color.

*This Design is available with the solar color changing effect. The Color changing can only be used with the Iridescent Glitter or iridescent flecks option Only! Please visit the glitter and flecks section for photos of how the solar feature looks before and after sun!

*please note Made With Love Keepsakes is not responsible for the wear of your jewelry with improper care. By purchasing one of our items you are agreeing to our terms of service. These services include improper care and use of your jewelry. Tarnish is NOT a fault in our production, it is a result of improper care and wear of a jewelry item. We will not accept any returns or refunds in regards to tarnish.

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