Metal Types

I get a lot of questions from customers asking the difference between Sterling silver and Silver plated. 


Although most of our jewelry is Sterling silver we do have silver plated Available (each description will have what metal is used stated so there is never any confusion) 

❤️Silver plated is a thin layer of 925 sterling over a base metal usually copper or brass. 

❤️ Sterling silver is an alloy metal that is 92.5 % sterling and a mix metal to help with hardness. 

❤️Some sterling silver and silver plated can have a rhodium plating to help with tarnish resistance.not all sterling will have this but with proper care tarnish can be kept at bay 

❤️both sterling silver and silver plated (even with rhodium plating) will tarnish over time. Tarnish is not a fault in the jewelry but a reaction between the metal and chemicals in your environment. 

❤️Silver plated and sterling silver gold plated and gold filled needs to be cared for properly in order for them to keep their luster and shine. Do not wear them in water, and store them in air tight bags with tarnish resistant strips. 

❤️if silver plated and gold plated items that are not cared for properly or worn often plating can rub off as it is a thin layer, this is a risk that is taken when purchasing a lower quality metal and will be stated on every silver plated and yellow gold item listing!! 

❤️Sterling silver can be polished with a silver polishing cloth to help keep the tarnish at bay. 

*please note Made with love keepsakes is not responsible for The Wear of your jewelry with improper care. By purchasing one of our item in our shop you are agreeing to these terms of service, these services also include improper care and use of your jewelry. Tarnish is NOT a fault in our production, it is a result of improper care and wear of a jewelry item.

A care card is added to every package to educate all customers on how to proper clean and care for your jewelry.


*Gold plated and rose gold plated items may fade over time. This is not something Made With Love Keepsakes can control as we do not manufacture the plated settings and is inevitable when working with plated items. Longevity of a plated piece will depend on how you care for and how often it is worn. By purchasing this item in either version you are under agreement that MWLK is not liable for these factors and will purchase at your own risk, If this is an issue please select the Sterling Silver version instead. Thank you*