Solar Color Options

Solar Color Options



Solar Colors can be added to select designs! (please read description of design for compatibility before placing in cart)

Please note Solar colors can only be used with Breastmilk only! 

They cannot be mixed with colored glitters or flecks, only iridescent glitter or iridescent flecks

*Please study the photo to the left before selecting to add these colors to your order. They will have a slight color differiation when not in the sun. Milk may appear slightly gray, color vibrancy will also vary from person to person depending on how the solar powder reacts to the milk. This is something we cannot control, some may be lighter an appearance then others. 

*PLEASE ALSO NOTE SOLAR COLORS MAY FADE OVER TIME< this is something that is out of out control and we unfortunately cannot prevent. keeping the piece in the sun for long periods of time can cause fading. 

by adding this to your cart you are agreeing to these terms and understanding the varied outcome,