Guide to Mailing Inclusions

It is extremely important that you read this document in its entirety and follow all the instructions!

Upon placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email that also includes the mailing address. It is not listed here on this guide for privacy reasons. 

Please check your spam and junk mail folders for this email if it was not delivered in your inbox. If you did not receive it you may request it be resent by emailing us at

Turn around time of 18-20 weeks starts the day inclusions arrive to me and are checked in.


** Made With Love Keepsakes Llc is not held responsible for any theft, post office loss and/or damage of a package either delivered to us or for your jewelry being sent home. **

Packaging and Labeling Inclusions

*Please only use USPS (normal postal service or Fedex when shipping, do not use UPS)

  • Please write your order number on the outside of your package,

  • Do not send your inclusions just by adding stamps to the package and sticking it in the mail, the postal service will not handle it properly and the package will most likely arrive to me destroyed, please take it to a certified postal service so that it is weighed properly and a proper label is printed.

  • Please mail your items in a bubble lined envelope (bubble mailer). This will keep the inclusions from getting smashed.

  • DO NOT send registered mail requiring a signature upon delivery. We cannot make special trips to the post office for package retrieval in the event we were not there to sign off on the package.

  • Clearly label your first and last name and return address on the envelope. If there is no name on your package we will not take the time to track you down.

  • Shipping of inclusions typically costs on average above $3-$5 first class

  • Triple bag breastmilk when shipping. All other inclusions can be double bagged. This ensures possible leaks are contained within the bags.

  • If shipping two different milks or other inclusions, please label each bag which inclusion goes with what design.

  • Please also include a note listing your items ordered and any customizations added to each.

Inclusion-Specific Instructions 

Placenta Powder:

  • 2 capsules or

  • 1-2 teaspoons of dehydrated and ground placenta powder

  • I will only accept dehydrated and ground placenta powder from the encapsulation process. DO NOT send frozen or raw placenta.

  • Any left over powder will be discarded.


  • 1/2 ounce of milk (1 tbsp.) is required per piece of jewelry made. ( a pair of earrings equals a half ounce of milk).

  • Milk storage bags are ideal. However, if using ziplock bags please triple bag and then tape shut. Milk must always be triple bagged when shipped!

  • There is no need to ship the milk frozen or refrigerated. Please pre-thaw any frozen milk before shipping to prevent condensation from damaging your package.

  • Any milk left over will be discarded after a month (incase of repairs).

  • Please be sure the post office declares your package "containing liquid" when shipping.

  • If you are sending more then one milk sample, please label each milk and to what design you are wanting each included in.

  • Any leftover milk will be stored for 1 month, it cannot be sent back once it is in its partial or fully preserved state.


  • we need 1 table spoon per item


Umbilical Stump:

  • Only send dried umbilical cord or part of a dehydrated cord,

  • I will ground the stump before placing it inside the piece.


  • 1 Tablespoon is needed per design.

  • triple bag ashes when shipping.

  • Any Ashes not utilized in your design will be returned with your jewelry.

  • Please do not send us all the ashes that you have.


  • A small lock of hair at least 1-inch long is required per design

  • Please tie lock of hair together with a piece of string before placing inside a ziplock bag.

  • Remaining hair will be discarded, so please do not send us all that you have.

Other Inclusions:

  • Any other inclusions such as fabric, dried flower petals, sand or soil can simply be placed inside a ziplock bag. ( Please Label your inclusions)

  • Flowers will be crushed during the creation process.

  • any left over inclusions will be discarded of so please DO NOT send the entirety of your inclusions.

For International Shipping:

  • For international orders it is very important you include a note within your milk, ashes or hair inclusion package that states: "Of Human Origin. For Therapeutic use only."

    • It is illegal to send milk of ANIMAL origin into the United States (such as, cow or goat milk). It is not illegal to ship breastmilk.

  • You must mark the item as a "gift" with the value being $1 on your customs form.

    • It is illegal to sell or purchase breastmilk, however a "gift" is not considered a purchase.

  • Declare any inclusions as "jewelry making material" on the customs form.

    • For hair you may write "hair", for ashes you may write "ash", and for placenta simply write "capsule for jewelry making".

  • Made With Love Keepsakes is not responsible for any of your country's customs fees for having merchandise imported into your country. Any additional fees your country places on your package is your responsibility.

  • We also will not mark the package as a "gift" on the customs form because it is merchandise that you have purchased and to do so is illegal in the USA.


Inclusions Package Delivery & Processing

Once your package arrives I will send you an email letting you know we have received it. Please allow 3 days to pass once your milk is scheduled to arrive before contacting me if I have not contacted you first, we don't always check our milk packages the same day they arrive as I am very busy!

  • I will also include any questions I have in regards to specifications to your order. Please reply within 72 hours otherwise we reserve the right to use artistic discretion in order to proceed with your design.

  • My current turn-around time is available in our FAQ page.

  • Please be mindful of our turn-around time when emailing for updates. We appreciate your patience and understanding that all orders are individually hand crafted and such precious work takes time.We can't always reply to emails asking about updates due to the volume of customers we work with daily.

You will receive an email with a tracking number when your completed jewelry has shipped. Please note, we are unable to provide tracking numbers for international orders.