A Note About Handmade Jewelry:

Every piece of Jewelry I make is individually handcrafted. This means that no two pieces will ever be the same. Colors, textures, amount of inclusions are all factors in how each piece will turn out. By ordering through Made With Love Keepsakes LLC, you have chosen to have a handcrafted piece and you may see evidence in of that in your jewelry. Common variations in handmade keepsake jewelry under close inspection include, tiny air bubbles, mold lines, evidence of hand shaping, tough edges. The placement of loose hair strands also cannot be controlled due to how each hair sample is different and how it reacts to the varies materials we use to create the item including our jewelry grade resin component.  Ashes and breastmilk both are different in variations in color as well, each piece will be unique and will be the color of what the natural inclusion in appearance. These variations are only cosmetic and will not harm the life of your piece. I will not remake or refund any pieces for these reasons. As with all handmade items there is no such thing as a perfect piece.


What is your current turn-around time?

This all depends on the amount of orders I am fulfilling at the time. I work on jewelry in the order in which I receive the inclusions. The current estimated turn-around time is approximately 18-20 weeks from the time I receive your inclusions, though some orders may take less time. I update the current turn-around time monthly.

If an order is needed at a special date please email me before ordering so we can make special arrangements!

If you have any questions please email me at mwlbybritt@gmail.com or through Facebook @mwlbybritt

Where are you located?

I am located in Grand Junction, Colorado! I ship world wide!

How much of each inclusion do you need for my order?

Please refer to our Guide to Mailing Inclusions for a comprehensive list of all inclusion and shipping requirements.

Does my milk need to be fresh or frozen?

Milk can be either fresh or frozen. The age of the milk also does not affect the preservation process. 

How do I know its really my milk or inclusion you are using?

I take great pride in the art I create! I respect each customer that gives me the honor of creating such a unique keepsake. I carefully organize each inclusion I receive to properly ensure I do not mix any inclusions with other orders. Your inclusions are handled with love, just as if they were my very own. The Milk is added to a special preservative that causes it to harden and turn into a stone like substance that is crushed and added to your jewelry of choice, pearl shimmer is also added to the process to help with a smooth finish, without it milk can appear dull and grainy. (Pearl shimmer is thinner then actual glitter).

How do I care for my jewelry?

Do not use any chemicals or soaps to clean your jewelry. Do not submerge your jewelry in water. Remove prior to bathing,swimming and hand washing. Do not leave your jewelry in the sun or heat (example of this would be leaving it in a hot car). Extended exposures to heat can cause the resin to yellow over time. All Jewelry must be kept in the airtight bag it came in with the black or white tarnish strip (free items do not come with a bag, please use a ziplock bag or something similar). Sterling silver can tarnish over time and can be polished with a soft polishing cloth, but polishing agents should be avoided. Avoid all soaps, cleaners, shampoos, lotions, perfumes and other topical products when wearing your jewelry.Do not wear your jewelry while sleeping the friction of rubbing up against material such as a blanket or pillow can cause the stone to loosen,become brittle and may fall out. To keep your jewelry looking like new most artists will recommend not wearing your piece on a daily basis constantly without Caring for it. This can shorten the longevity of the piece . Do not store jewelry in box it was received in!

Silver plated and gold plated items that are not cared for properly or worn often plating can rub off as it is a thin layer, this is a risk that is taken when purchasing a lower quality metal and will be stated on every silver plated and yellow gold item listing!! 

We offer services for reglazing, cleaning etc for a fee, this is determined by how old the piece is, how its cared for and how often it is worn. We determine this in a case by case manor.

I also do not recommend resizing due to your piece not being able to withstand intense heat.

**Made With Love llc is not responsible for any damage or loss occurring to your jewelry as a result of improper care and maintenance.


Will my breastmilk jewelry go bad or turn color?

Made with love keepsakes are made to last a lifetime with proper care for your pieces. If you care for your piece like you would any other special keepsake, it will never rot or discolor.

Is there any kind of time limit in which I need to send my inclusions? 

There is no time limit, I will not cancel an order after a certain period of time (however if I long duration of time has passed, prices of certain designs my increase which may cause your order to be changed to a credit for a new order. I do, however prefer that the inclusions be shipped to me within 30 days. This is due to having to order settings for custom made pieces that are more likely to be in stock and not discontinued in this time frame. Free Promotional Items may also discontinue and is not of my control as we base them off of supply and demand.


Do you take custom order requests?

Yes! In order to set up a custom design order that you do not see listed on this website, please contact me either by email, mwlbybritt@gmail.com, or through my Facebook business page

Please keep in mind that custom order quotes are based off of how much time and work it will take me to create your idea. Turn-around times for custom orders may vary!

What kind of inclusions can you use to create my order? 

There are so many! Just to name a few, Breastmilk, ashes, fabric, sand, dirt, dried flowers, hair, powdered placenta, crushed umbilical cord. 

I can add up to 2 inclusion in most of my jewelry pieces (please see individual listings for details)

Please review our Guide to Mailing Inclusions for amounts need per inclusion.

How Will My piece look when choosing natural? 

Your design of choice will be the color of the inclusion you send in. Please note we add a natural pearl shimmer to all breastmilk designs as part of the preservation process. This helps with the smoothness of the appearance as milk can sometimes turn out grainy

Do you send updates on order status?

Yes and no. Upon placing an order you will receive an email that will include instructions on how to mail your inclusions. Once I receive your package I will send a second email letting you know your inclusions have arrived and the turn around time has begun. Please allow 3 days to pass once your milk is scheduled to arrive before contacting me if I have not contacted you first(Please be sure to also check your spam as sometimes emails will show up there), we don't always check our milk packages the same day they arrive as I am very busy!

A third email will be sent once your order has been fulfilled and is ready to ship. I will then provide a tracking number for your package,

If you have any other questions about your order you can contact me through email, mwlbybritt@gmail.com, or on Facebook @mwlbybritt.

I am unable to provide daily status updates as I am a 1-woman business!Thank you for understanding.

What is the easiest way to contact you?

Honestly, by Facebook on my business page through messenger @mwlbybritt 

I try my very best to get to everyone's messages in a timely matter. However, I am only human and also have a family to care for. Please allow 24-48 hours for me to reply.

What if I changed my mind on a design I ordered?

Once you place your order you have 24 hours to make any necessary changes to your order. After the 24 hours I will be unable to accept any changes to a pre existing order. This is because of the extra materials needed for your order to be completed. 

What about Returns,refunds and exchanges? 

Please see our Returns Policy page for further Instructions.

How do I check my ring size?

I recommend that you visit your local jewelry store to be sized in order to ensure that you order the correct ring size!