Glitter & Flecks Gallery


Examples of all our glitter options mixed with breastmilk! 

*Please note our new color blend features are available through the add ons and extras section of our website.

*if glitter is being added please specify in notes if you are wanting a tiny amount or heavy amount for the whole piece to have the color, if no note is added the normal amount of colored glitter is added for a solid color. We are not responsible for any miscommunication on coloring requests so please be specific.


Color Names from top left to right

Poison Apple, Ruby Slipper, Rose Petal, Rose Gold, Deep Amber, Tropic Orange,Hot Pink,Magenta

Sunshine, Honey yellow, Gold, Antique Gold, Holographic Gold,Dark Forest Green, Forest Green, EverGreen

Peridot, Sage, Fields of green, Teal, Turquoise,Sky Blue, Aquamarine, Steel Blue


From top left to right

Navy blue, eggplant, mulberry, amethyst, mermaid scales, grape, orchid, holographic silver, silver, iridescent, midnight black, gray

IMG_0396 2.JPG

Our Exclusive Color Blends

Available under the add-ons and extras section for $10